La Cène Littéraire continues to engage young Rwandans in reading and writingFlore-Agnès Zoa, Lawyer and Editor of Editions Flore Zoa (Switzerland), founder of the prize “les Afriques” and initiator of “La Cène littéraire”, who was part of it, had committed to extend La Cène Littéraire in Rwanda in both French and English.

Several book clubs have already open in Rwanda targeting students from Secondary schools. The editor Flore Zoa distributed a copy of the book to each student, hoping that each student will have a small library of the books she or he has read after two years.

Students of Saint Ignatius secondary school have just finished reading  Murambi, the book of bones republished in 2022

2022 coincided with Boubacar Boris Diop’s win of the prestigious Neustadt International Prize for Literature, which is often referred to as the American Nobel Prize.

Murambi, the book of bones, is a vital work that contributed to the teaching of genocide against Tutsi in various Western schools and raising awareness about Rwanda’s contemporary history in Africa and beyond.

Four writers one from Ivory Coast Mahe Michael and 3 Rwandans Patrick Nzabonimpa, Gahaya John  andTom Ndahiro  have joined the students to discuss the novel……

In our Litterary Café we had Newtimes, and Rwanda Broadcasting Agency our event was aired on Nation Television 

Alex RUDASINGWA, the Country Director of Edition Flore Zoa, an international publishing house and the coordinator of La Cène Littéraire with some of the members of a reading club at Saint Ignatius High School. Courtesy photo
Father Innocent RUGARAGU Saint Ignatius High School Director
Writer, Patrick Nzabonimpa
Director of St Ignatius High School, said that a reading club motivates students and helps them to hold each other accountable in terms of reading and sharing what they have learned from books.
Alex Rudasingwa, the Country Director of Edition Flore Zoa and the coordinator of La Cène Littéraire declared that they decided to support reading clubs in different secondary schools, specifically Saint Ignatius High School, after realising that there was a challenge concerning lack of books to read.
Tom Ndahiro, an author and researcher through the Interdisciplinary Genocide Studies Center speaking during the event.