LA CENE LITTERAIRE have organised literary café on March 4th, 2023 with students of Saint Andrew College where LA CENE hosted 1080 students in the room.

After the presentation by our host, the floor was given to the students to share their reading experiences. They engaged a lot in the discussions and shared their views on the novel murambi the book of bones.

Four writers one from Ivory Coast Mahe Michael and 3 Rwandans Patrick Nzabonimpa, Muctary Inkindi and Nadege Sandra Uwayezu have joined the students to discuss the novel. The students of Saint Andrew College were so happy to meet one of their old students who became writer, Sandra Nadege and Muctary studied at college few years ago.

Our guests of honor, honorable MUGESERA Antoine, was so happy with the work LA CENE LITTERAIRE is doing with young people to stronger reading culture in schools and he sees that as a key to success, Hon Mugesera Antoine thanked a lot our Chairperson Agnes Nda Zoa Meiltz about the work is doing in schools by providing free books to students and told to students to not take it as granted but to see this as a big opportunity.

Aloys MAHWA also, was impressed how students were engaged in sharing the discussions and sharing their views on the novel.
Aloys said, this is an opportunity because students are learning their history and sharing it with their colleagues who did not get the book is a good idea.

Alex Rudasingwa Editions Florezoa representative and LA CENE LITERAIRE coordinator, said you know more when you are reading, you increase your knowledge when you are reading and having access to book is one of the biggest keys to success.
Alex shared with guest and students the mission and vision of LA CENE LITTERAIRE.

Director of Saint Andrew College, thanked a lot LA CENE LITTEAIRE and said we are always welcome to his school to work with them, said we can not refuse anything that can help student to increase their knowledge and said what we are doing is fantastic.